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Originally Posted by edo783
With the Raiders being stout up the middle, and if Hollings is able to play, we may get some opportunities outside running. If Hollings can't go, then it will likely be the running back in to help on protection and then roll behind the line as an outlet pass. If Hollings (or whoever) can't get to the outside and we can't hold em out, it will be a VERY long day indeed.

Washington and Sapp are both stone walls against the run but neither is much against the pass. Seems like we'd be best served to run on passing downs (draws, traps, ..) and pass on run downs (play action, ...) .. Of course I'm still waiting on Palmer to ask me my opinion ...

Speaking of Hollings .... what's the story? Still hurt? Does anyone else get the impression that the severity of injuries is often hidden by the Texans or are they being extra cautious?

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