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Of course "some people" will be quick to say "hindsight" but when we drafted B. Joppru with our second round draft selection I was just a little
Sure, Bennie had a "nice" senior year at Michigan as far as catches & TD's but I felt at the time and still do, that we perhaps jumped a little early when we drafted him that high. And keep in mind, the fact he's been hurt for two years has nothing to do with how I feel. I saw a number of Michigan games on TV and I can't remember thinking...."wow, that guys good...we should draft him". My other team, Buffalo, I know for a fact had some interest in Bennie but that interest ended when the Texans jumped for him with the 9th selection in round two (2). The Bill's felt he could linger until round number three. I should point out that TE's such as L.J. Smith of the Eagles and Jason Witten of the Cowboy's were still on the board when Joppru was taken. Of course I'm leaving the door open for Texan "bu++ki$$er's" to rush in and say...."How was Casserly to know that those guys would be players?"
(But, in case they's his job!) And to make me shake my head even more....we not only passed on Jason Witten in round two but round three as well! I wonder how many Texan fans shook their heads as I did as I watched Witten catch that TD pass on Monday night for the team with the star.
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