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Originally Posted by jr0ck
i will be there as well! a&m's made more progress in 3 games than they did all last season. the defense started like this against utah and by the time clemson came along looked like this . the communication in the secondary has increased to admirable levels, the linebackers look like their from "Linebacker U" and the d-line is actually showing push/pass rush! of course we have to worry about mr. sproles in his heisman campaign, and k-states d is always stingy, so they will definately test the aggs on both sides of the ball. in a&m's defense, we have courtney lewis back (the difference was undeniable against clemson) and reggie is looking like the leader/QB he was asked to be all last season. his vastly improved descion making + plus his freakin' gun = scary a&m offense. oh yeah, the o-line blocking helps a little too consistency is still a little lacking but i think the missing peice right now is terenece murphy, and when he gets in his groove things could get scary. hope that's not too convoluted, when i talk texans/a&m/cy-springs HS football i tend to rant so i will step down from my box of soap....

oh yeah, im suprised im the first responed to this considering the importance of the game for both teams. i guess there's just alot more hook'em than gig'em on this board.......
Did you go to cy springs? I'm playing football there now. And i rant about the same three things so your not alone.
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