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robinson's match-ups all year will be trial by fire, so no matter who he's matched up with it will be a test. i think walker has the definate mental edge against gallery. i think g-funk will enjoy trying the rookie, but it doesn't mean walker will win, it's just more in his favor IMO. and with that logic, sapp has the edge over wand. although im suprised people seem to forget this is sapp's 9th season and his numbers have decreased for the last 4-5 years, wand hasn't proven anything this year and has come across as a big guy with no heart/confidence. so yes if walker has the edge by 55/45, sapp has the edge 70/30 on wand. sorry david, hope DD is healthy or screens/slants are common calls next week. this being said, i still think we have the same chance against the raiders, if not better, than we did against the cheifs. i really wish collins wasn't gonna start though, gannon IMO is in the same classification as kurt warner/brad johnson. old guys whose glory days are long gone (or not that glorious) and sparks are always out weighed by their tremendous ability to suck.....i still think warner was WAY overrated when he was with the "greatest show on turf". collins looks reborn. although he might fall in the tragic hero catgorey, (because of his battle with alcholol and what might be his greatest season getting destroyed the ravens) and never reach the numbers warner/johnson/gannon have, he just seems to have more grit than the other three rather have a "cross eyed-will ferrell" flake in at QB to sick our hounds at than a a younger, more substantial, over-looked QB. just my , tried to keep the bashing to a minimum...
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