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I don't know if this will be the turning point or not....I hope it is. Regardless of KC's record they could have easily blown this team out of the water with the weapons they have but we found a way to keep it close and a way to win. To me that says alot, regardless of how ugly we played in the first two games and part of the third. For me it's still too early to start asking for peoples heads and ranting and raving about what to fix. It's hard to be realistic and optimistic at the same time when we played the first few games the way we did but I'm finding a way to get it done. I try and look for the good points more than the bad because anyone can find things that need to be fixed plus I'm not the one getting payed thousands to make those decisions. Call me naive, stupid, etc. but I'm just happy to be rooting for a Houston Pro Football team again. I want this team to win but my extremely high expectations are being saved for next year. For now I'd be happy with a record better than last year and if it doesn't happen then we took a step backward instead of forward now didn't we?
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