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i think the majority of the time (maybe 65/35) the d-line stands up/gets stood up by the opposing line. with the talent in smith, payne and walker this is kinda hard to imagine, but what i've noticed is in the begining of the game the d-line looks good. they use their hands, make moves, and push o-linemen. but as soon as halftime comes within reach, our front three seem to tire immensly, and never recover the rest of the game. i think seth might be the most noticable, the middle of the LOS has seemed stagnent for the majority of our first three games. my thoughts on this are payne's recovery from injury is complete but it took away from him getting into full season football shape by the season's start (hence the standing up by the 3rd quarter). gary and robaire don't seem to be collapsing the pocket as well as they should, but i've at least seen them show some spark. i see this being remedied at latest by mid season, and if it's any credit the d-line already i've seen foreman and espicially wong look noticably better than last season. which means that even in their less than stellar performance's, they're keeping the double teams from the second level. and i love how i keep seeing robaire's hands go up to bat down balls, i think he's even got one or two already. bottom line: d-line isn't living up to their assumed potenial and we need push from all three all game long! we look good when the o-line is fresh, but due to (what appears to be conditioning) have lost the war of attrition in all three of our games. i still have love for g-funk, payne and smith though and really believe our d will be vastly improved by season's end
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