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Originally Posted by powda
earl showed lots of promise...,but having watched the tony gonzo td numerous times i got the impression glenn was responsible outside and earl was responisible inside...gonzo cut in ,and earl didnt get there quite fast enough.
Powda...excellent original post by the way...I checked the replay and you may be right. I am willing to give him a minor pass on this based primarily on the relative strength of the Green-Gonzales tandem, whole lot of good secondary's have given up TDs to them. That being said in the 2nd half Earl looked pretty good in the few times I saw him in 1-on-1 coverage, the fact is you didn't hear his named called to many times during the passing downs which is a pretty good indicator that his man or zone responsibility was covered.
I did also notice that we rotated coverage to Tony G's side manning up Coleman on him more often or passing him off to Glen on occasion. I noted this on another thread, basically saying that it was a fundamental shift in how folks are playing D...putting your best pass defender on the best reciever, whatever his position might be. I think it is an also an example of how the 5yrd No Touch rule is making it tougher on LBs who are trying to cover the more athletic TEs in the game.
Like I said, great original post and I hope to catch you around the boards.
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