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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
I don't think this guy's smoking anything. I think he's right. We are quite possibly the worst team in the league. Keep in mind that the season is exactly 3 games old when you think about that. In week 1 the Chargers were unanimously chosen "Worst team in the league" and we lost to them AND looked bad doing it. Then we followed that up with a lousy showing at Detroit. We didn't exactly light the world on fire in K.C. either.

The Texans are candidates for WTITL until they prove otherwise just like several other teams that got off to a slow start. Getting to 2-2 would be a step in the right direction. If we can pull even then that would probably take us out of the running for now.

That whole "Respect" thing that gets tossed up here weekly isn't something we deserve yet. Hopefully soon it will be.
The truth is we are 1-2 and there are teams that are 0-3. Therefore we are not in the running for the worst team and neither is any other team with a win. The Chiefs can complain all they want two but stats wise going into that game the offense was top 10 and the defense was not far behind. The Texans lost the turnover battle and therefore lost the early games. This time turnovers were even and they won. The better team won yesterday's game and the Texans will continue to win games where they win the turnover battle. Its the teams that win the turnover battle and still lose that are bad. The Jags will come down the Titans will win a few more and the Texans will end up 8-8.

Go somewhere else to bash the Texans. As a moderator you have a responsablity not to bash them here.
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