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I have been watching Armstrong pretty close in preseason and the 1st 3 games...I am pretty impressed. I think he has a great shot at pushing for the #2 receiver job maybe even late this season. The only thing I wonder is how much of a drop off in speed are we looking at between him and Bradford?

I tend to agree with most of the board that Gaff is a natural slot reciever, he can make the tough catch over the middle and we have also seen him isolate the edges of the endzone for the TDs. Since we run 3 WRs about 70% of the time what you really end up with is a #1 guy and a #2 and #2A guy on the field. In our vertical passing game it really helps if more than one of the recievers is a downfield threat...that is the only reason I wonder about the speed differential of Armstrong and Bradford.
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