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Default A PEEK Performance!

I know that we drafted Babin. I know that we have Wong. I know that the defense has to play within the game. But what Antwann PEEK brings to this defense is seen everytime this young man touches the field. If anyone has ever read my rants, I always ask the question, "Who is our Ray Lewis?" For a while now, I have been focusing on Peek and he brings the emotion that our entire team fails to have for 3 quarters or more! To my dismay, the reaction is always given by the fans and staff alike, this guy is not able to play the run or pass as well as the other LB's! Well guess what folks, something is going to have to be sacrificed, or the defense shifted. The entire defense took on a brand new personality when this kid hit the field, and may have saved a rather dismal season for the Texans.

#1 - If Peek does not bring the added pressure, Green has all day to complete 3rd down passes, keeping our dragging defense on the field.

#2 - If Peek doesn't enter the game, the defense, which rarely does, doesn't blitz, bringing down Green on numerous occaissions!

#3 - No Peek, No emotion. This defense looked brain dead for half the game!

#4 - No Peek, no chance for captian comeback, Davie "Franchise" Carr, to lead his team down the field for different occassions!

#5 - No Peek, No weekend celebration and were looking at a dismal tailgate when the Raiders come to town!!!

All I'm saying is, this kid needs to be on the field, more than just the special teams, because he's a special player!
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