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Originally Posted by powda
im in complete agreement with texans fight on this...air it out already...

carr already throws a great deep ball and 1 of 4 things will happen:

1. incomplete----and stretch the defense opening the running game
2. pass interference
3. interception ( make shift punt?)
3. completion

why is that so complicated? andre is easily the most gifted athlete on our roster.

and dont tell me you only take what the defense gives you...there are easily 5 or so oppurtunities to air it out per game. remind that defense we do have multiple deep threats and MAKE them respect it.
How in the world did you forget number 4..SACK. Which is the most likely thing to happen on a long pass play. If you didnt notice once KC figured out we were running our 3rd string RB they pinned there ears back and gave Carr all kinds of hell. The Texans do not have the O-Line to throw 10 bombs a game and not run the ball. The Texans are doing fine running a balanced O.
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