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You do realize that if we do not take him we do not get Seth Payne and Gary Walker, right?
WE went all up down about this topic last year and had some classic debates, one of which got me kicked off these boards based on this topic. So to rehash things again doesn't make the Boselli botch pick any better. We all know that "reportedly" Walker and Payne and Boselli was a package deal. I doubt that all 3 of them would have been with the team considering the Jags cap troubles. One of them would have to have been either in the draft or let go. The Jags were facing a salary cap overage of more than $27 million at that time. I highly doubt all 3 of those guys would be back at Jacksonville anyways. The Jets were in the same boat, about $19.5 million. And if you look at now, only Walker had paid dividends on a 4-11, 5-12 team. So among the 3 guys, 1 has only played 1 and half seasons. Look at the monumental cap hit all 3 guys take on us. What bothers me is that we were limiting ourselves to the "30-year" rule where we were not going to pick up players older than 30. But only 6 of 19 players selected are still with the team anyways. That was the only thing I wish we would have done different.

This would have been a decent expansion draft"
S Sam Garnes ($2,613,357)

CB Aaron Glenn ($8,013,177)
CB Marcus Coleman ($5,480,750)
CB Terrance Shaw

DE Jabari Issa ($397,666)
DT Ellis Johnson ($6,001,666)

LB Mark Fields ($2,505,760)
LB Jamie Sharper ($2,875,000)
LB Ted Johnson
LB Bernardo Harris ($2,656,250)
LB Brant Boyer ($1,075,000)

OT Roman Oben ($4,866,668)

TE Freddie Jones ($4,018,750)
TE Hunter Goodwin ($1,450,000)

OG Zach Wiegert

QB Dave Dickenson ($315,000)

WR Avion Black ($460,000)
WR Troy Walters ($406,000)
WR Keenan McCardell ($4,565,000)
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