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Hey Dolby, I live in Cypress too. Why don't you swing by and pick up the tickets from my house. Oh, that's right, you've probably not ever been to a game before. Well, I've been at almost every one since the beginning. I sat through all of 2-14, and I did not sit through it for the Texans to pull this one on the fans. If you really think that the Texans did this SOLELY because they thought Williams was the best player on the board, than you don't understand the business of the NFL. This was about cash, pure and simple, because in a survey of 26 GM's, 21 of them said Bush was the best prospect they had EVER seen in the history of the draft. I wonder why New Orleans Saints officials said they immediately turned their phones off last night when they heard Bush was going to slip to them. Because they, unlike the idiots in Reliant Stadium, watched the college football season last year.

By the way...did any of you championing the cause of "Super Mario" watch ONE N.C. State game last year where you would even know what in the heck you are talking about? Any Wolfpack fans out there that could shed some light on this guys?
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