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Originally Posted by aljthomas34
I can't believe the events of the last 48 hours...I am stunned. This franchise has done EVERYTHING wrong from its inception. I screamed don't draft David Carr...take Julius Peppers. It made no sense to draft a QB with the offensive line of an expansion team. It made perfect sense to draft a DE with speed that was a can't miss product. Now, you are stuck with Carr because we renewed his deal. Vince....fine. So you say you can't sign Reggie Bush...fine. Then trade the stinking pick or draft D'Brickashaw Ferguson at your real point of need, which is OL. Don't take a guy that would have slid to 5 or 6 at #1 in the whole draft. That is just asanine.

I cannot believe that this franchise continues to be this inept....except for one thing. Ineptitude starts at the top, brothers and sisters, and it is obvious that Bobby Mac is way in over bald head. I never thought I would see the day that someone dethroned Uncle Drayton as the chief of all cheapskates and $7 beers...but it has happened. King Bob is in the house, and I, for one, will not be joining him this year. As a season ticket holder from the beginning, I made the call to my ticket rep on Friday night and left them a message similar to hundreds they will be receiving over the next couple of weeks - "Please cancel my account..."

You acted hastily and you'll regret it. There's a bunch of people waiting for your tix and now you'll go right back on that waiting list when you decide you want them again.
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