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No. But, have you posted anything on this board except negative comments? All you've done here is bash Casserly, Capers, & Carr...where's the evidence that you are a Texan fan and not some troll from another board?
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Where's the evidence? My evidence is this. While sitting in Ralph Wilson Stadium last year and seeing former Texan Jeff Posey hit David Carr from his blindside, knocking from the game, I was perhaps the only fan there not cheering. Inside.....I was sick and saying to myself..."please get up David and show the Bill's and Buffalo what you've got." Sadly that didn't happen but those were my thoughts.
And please, go back and read my posts and find one negative thing I've ever said about David Carr.
And any "bashing" I've ever done to Casserly or Capers in my opinion they've deserved.
Both of these men have done some good things in their careers but in the NFL it's "what have you done for me lately". And to both of these guy's it time to start putting up or start thinking about getting off the pot!
You may make your living being a Texan "bu++ki$$er"... I choose not to and I'll give credit where credit is due!
The issue is not whether I'm right....the issue is you're wrong!
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