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Originally Posted by Vinny
Well, I'd say no, and would also say that this board is not reflective of the vast majority of Texans fans because I think there is a certain knee-jerk factor to being anonymous on a message board. I think Joe-average fan understands that this is still a growth year and really didn't expect a fully mature, playoff caliber team.
That's an interesting opinion but I find it somewhat laughable. Certainly there will always be a certain amount of what I call "shooting from the lip" from some fans but to say people who post here are..... "not reflective of the vast majority of Texas fans" is a strange comment. What are we Vinny....people outside of the norm? The fact we (the posters) take the time to not only read but to post messages should speak for us.
Does this board belong to the Texans where only "feel good" comments can be posted? It seems to me if a poster comes on and says something "stupid" like...."we're going to the Super Bowl this year" they are embraced but if you deal in're offered your last meal!
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