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Originally Posted by pittbull
I don't know about anyone else, but it seems this one game has the ability to be a deciding factor, not only for this season, but also for the future. I firmly do not believe, no matter what cliche'sare given on the radio by players, coaches, and radio host, that this team thinks they can turn around this season. I think that after this game, some players may start shutting it down, keeping themselves healthy and worrying about potential bonus numbers. Let's face it, what team has come from 0-3 and made it to the playoffs? What team really desires to play their hardest when they feel they will not make the playoffs? This has been such a disappointment, that I hope we don't have those type of players, but THIS ONE GAme will show us. Sorry for the lack of faith, as many out there know I am a diehard NATIONAL TEXAN FAN, but this does not seem to be going in the right direction. I thought with the additions of playmakers, trading for high potential draft selections, and free agent signings, we would at least look stronger than what we have shown in the first two games. I have seen nothing but the same attitude as the first two seasons. Where is the fire? Who is our Ray Lewis on the defensive side of the ball. Where is the sideline confrontations. These guys are either so afraid of Capers, or don't hve any emotion! I know Mr. McNair runs a class organization and wants players of the same mold, but football is a game of emotion, and maybe we need a hothead in the locker room, to stir some things up!!! Unless we see some serious changes in coaching philosophy, emotion, and something we, as fans, can get excited about, it's going to be a long year!
So you've given up cause they might not make the playoffs in there 3rd yr? I dont remember the playoffs even required in year 3. It would be nice of course, and it should be the players goal, but is it truly realistic given the talent in our division and the fact they only have 2 full seasons under there belt? I for one still thank my lucky stars we even have an NFL team much less cry like a little girl cause ther'e 0-2. GO TEXANS ! KICK KC BUTT !!
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