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Originally Posted by HJam72
The way the line blocks on run plays is somehow weakening the way they block on pass plays? This isn't the first time I've heard this, but I'm not getting it, completely. I thought they only changed what they did on run plays. In fact, I thought that what they did was start run blocking much like they would normally block on pass plays. You know, just block your man and don't worry about making a whole, because DD is supposed to just find one. I never thought that was a good idea, actually, but I don't see how it affects pass blocking. I guess I missunderstood the whole thing. Can somebody explain what it is they're doing and how it could hurt their pass blocking?

My opinion about the pass blocking is that part of the problem is when DD becomes a receiver instead of a blocker--not that I expect him to be a good blocker.

ur right on pass they Drop back in more of a defensive block and run they attack or run at the guys LOL. Some people just dont understand the basics of football. But thats why i love this message board, Its not a zone blocking scheme during a pass play
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