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I posed the questions I have posed, because I would hope people would reflect back over time and think of all of the 3rd down situations when we simply could not complete a pass to keep a drive going. We are obviously not as effecient as we would like to be on 3rd down situations. Particularly those longer than 2-3 yards. Some would say its Carr, some would say its the line, and I'm suspicious of our receivers - both TE's and WR's. I think this year we will have a great deal more competion than ever. If some of the verterns do not make it and we have a good year, then we might find the problems were with the receivers. The Texans are certainly not giving us much to talk about, so we might as well start a conversation among ourselves. I think our ball club has to improve in a number of areas and offense is certainly one of the leading candidates. Because of Capers attention to defense, I simply think that side of the ball takes care of itself. However, offense is a different question and I would like to see it receive more attention.
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