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Default What do you do when you change the O-line

blocking scheme and it doesn't work? That's the problem the Texans are having. Capers bought hook line and sinker the changes in the blocking scheme to aid DD even though they say not. Now they are facing a big problem, because the opposition defense is finding big holes to get to Carr. The line splits are greater in the new offense which is designed to aid the run, not the pass. We went away from our strength. Last year DD got a lot of yardage out of an O-line scheme set up more for the pass than the run. That's why he was affective. Sorry, but until we change that we are in deep dodo. We have more and better receivers than RB's. In fact with Hollings out again, I believe its stupid trying to over utilize DD. What happens if he goes down? I guess we would be forced to run Wells on every play. I'm sorry I'n not impressed with what our coaches are doing. At least before you could say we were dong alright on defense, if only we could generate some offense. Neither are really working now, but the offense is certainily showing more possibilites than the defense.
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