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Originally Posted by Vinny
... our problem isn't between the 20's. It's scoring...

I guess my point is that a lot is working reasonably well now (and although you have to be cautious about stats (lies, damn lies and statistics) they do show some meaningful performance) and we have something to pivot around. Obviously, things aren't perfect, or we wouldn't be 0-2, but I don't think this early record justifies all the 'throw the baby out with the bath water' and 'fire everyone' posts throughout the MB. I believe the offense has been productive, although the turnovers have reduced their opportunities to score.

I can't quickly put my fingers on the stat right now, but I believe that the Texans were fairly highly rated last year in red zone production. If my recollection is correct, perhaps there is reason to believe the Texans will be able to 'tweak' their scoring issues.
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