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Default National Respect

After i got DVR from time warner this past week, i have been able to record alot of shows on TV, and i have noticed that we are getting alot of respect in the national media, probably more than you'd expect for an 0-2 3rd year expansion team.

--Michael Clayton has called the chiefs and Texans the 2 teams most likely to rebound strong from an 0-2 start even though one will start 0-3 he still thinks either can rebound.

---Mark Schlerth has said that basically both offensives are close to equal this season factoring the injuries to Kinneson and Holmes. But he has said the Texans defense is better and has a better chance of putting a crucial stop on the KC offense than the KC defense would have at stoping the Texans offense.

---CBS has all its pros picking us over KC.

I think this game will come down to offensive execution, can each offense keep up point for point with the other, and which team can make a crucial 4th qtr stop on defense. i think the defense will only have to have 2 strong defensive stops late in the second half to beat the Chiefs.

The pressure is on our offense to keep the production up and the turnovers down agianst this weak defense.
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