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I think that you're being just a little thin-skinned. While it is true that some people just like to be argumentative, and others will try to pick apart everything someone posts once they have been in a heated debate with them previously, I really don't think that's the case here. If you post something negative on one of our players/coaches, you should expect your viewpoint to be challenged.

Originally Posted by WWJD
I often see Coach Capers jotting things down and that is a bit different than most coaches.

I think he is just a very detailed oriented person.
I heard a radio caller ask coach Capers about this recently.

He said that what he writes down is the down, distance, result of the play, and maybe one other basic tidbit(it's been a couple of weeks ago), so he has those stats with him when he goes to the lockeroom at halftime.

I remember when I heard this thinking to myself "that's all he's writing down". I was kinda disappointed. I guess I expected it to be a little more intricate than that, ie. specific blitz packages/coverage schemes used in certain down/distances, etc... But I guess that would be much easier to accurately track by one of the coaches up in the booth, or someone with a feed from that vantage point.
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