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Default David Carr is the best in the NFL ...

After week 2, David Carr is the best in the NFL ... in average yards / passing attempt at 9.19 yards. It makes you wonder why people are complaining about the Texans getting the ball down the field. Carr also has the 2nd highest completion % in the AFC and the 4th highest overall quarterback ranking in the AFC. For those who prefer to focus on the negative, Carr has 3 interceptions, the same as Brady, Testaverde and Delhomme.

In the AFC, the Texan are ranked 5th in total offense, 6th in total defense and are 1 of only 2 teams to be ranked in the top 6 (six AFC teams go to the playoffs) in both offense and defense (the Broncos are the other).

Maybe there is reason to believe that the Texans can win some games, once they reduce turnovers, penalties and special teams breakdowns.

The seven 0-2 teams have the following schedule. Who, other that the Bills, will still be looking for their first win after week 3?

Buffalo (0-2) bye

San Francisco (0-2) @ Seattle (2-0)
Arizona (0-2) @ Atlanta (2-0)
Tampa (0-2) @Oakland (1-1)
Houston (0-2) @ Kansas City (0-2)

Miami (0-2) host Pittsburgh (1-1)
Kansas City (0-2) host Houston (0-2)

My guess is the 49ers, Cards, Bucs, Chiefs and Phins
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