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Originally Posted by War_Eagle
Who's blaming the 3-4? I said the defense looks lost on the field. Unsure of what to do. Getting beat on the line, No pressure up front, Hell,they couldn't even describe the opposing QB in a police lineup! A pep talk is O.K. if your into that, but I think better defensive play calls and a little more intensity and hustle will do alot more to solve there problems.
How do we know if the "best defensive play" is called? Not to be arguementative, but I trust the defensive coordinator to get the right play into the team. Capers as a defensive guru is on top of this. I agree that intensity & hustle and knowing where to be is the key. These 3 should be enforced by the "seniors" just like a college team. Pep talk or not, I want those guys I mentioned earlier to make sure others are getting to the ball and hustling. Walker mentioned this after 2nd loss. He seems to be getting fed up. If so, I can only say it's about 3 quarters late.
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