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The new blocking scheme for the O-line I believe is causing us major difficulities. If that isn't fixed we are in for a very long season. This was an unexpected development and I think all of us thought it was going to be a very positive move for the Texans. I believe, however, its leading to the additional pressure and sacks on David once again. I'm waiting to hear from Vinny on what he thinks after I brought this up. While the scheme adds potentially to the running game, it could be very detremental to the passing game. It appears that that might well be the case. Again, the coaches on this ball club have a fixation with the running game. Again, I stress we have a lot more receivers than runners and DD is an excellent runner, but not a work horse. He can be extremely effective if used wisely and not wasted. He needs a complimentary passing game to make him effective. In the old scheme he may have had more blockers in front of him which protected him from major hits.
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