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Originally Posted by radiodude
I notice some horrendous slips by the refs in sundays texans game.... I really don't think it would hae led to a won but both calls could have stopped or created momentum favoring the Texans.

1... I believe it was the first uqarter or earily second when I believe it was Jones was rushing to the near side (closest to cam) when the edge of is foot was on the "chaulk" placing him out of bounds but the zebras missed it and let tear for another 10+ yards placing detriot inside the 10 for the go ahead TD. I tivo-ed it and caught the slip.

2... Last quarter when Carr was looking for a miracle comeback he completed a pass to andre johnson who made an AMAZING grab in double coverage near the deep in Lion's territory. The two defenders made contact pushing his second foot out of bounds.... thus making it a catch. The refs ruled no contact forced him out and again after many tivo reviews, a horrid call.

In the Titans/Colts game the refs fumbled a similar call late in the 4th and both TV annoucers were at a loss for words. Eddie berlin made an amazing acrobatic catch in double coverage at the goal line, only to have it rebuked after further review because "he didn't apear to have control of the ball." The ball never left his chest and 90% of the time he hand BOTH hands clutching it to his chest!

I believe in the case of the Texans both call would have been corrected in replay challenge BUT, you cannot challenge whether a player in inbound/outbound with current rules. I ask this... whats the point of IR if you cannot challenge a in/out bounds call?

Sorry for the long post I just had to vent. The Texans should have won sunday and I agree with other perhaps a coaching change is apparent. I hate the offensive coordinater, it has seemed in the past and sunday that he is just NOT aggressive enough. Were a mostly young team... we will make mistakes, but come on go out there and playem hard take some chances never be complacent with a 3 point lead with 2 mins left till halftime. It seems like more than once I have seen the Texans die in the 2nd quarter with 2mins of less left... ahead or behind, good or bad field position.

Thanks for the therepy,

It's just my opinion but I really think we are barking up the wrong tree when we look at bad calls being the reason for us losing. Sure, you can get a bad call and lose a game because of it but let's keep something in mind. All 32 NFL teams have bad calls go against them. Prime example was the game on MNF this week....Vikings vs Eagles. WR Terrell Owens was giving a TD when the replay (which was not shown until after the extra point was kicked) clearly showed that T.O. never had control of the football until he came to a rolling stop out of bounds in the corner of the endzone. Al Michaels was beside himself because it was such a poor call but the TD stood. The bottom line is this. Winning teams find a way of getting past the bad calls.....and losing teams use then to explain why they are losing! Our beloved Texans need to become a better team....period!
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