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Vinny, I believe we have far better and more receivers than running backs. David can throw the ball if he has protection. I know you don't agree, but I believe that is the case. I also believe DD has been effective because of the fear of the pass. He is a better runner when we are successful with the pass. Again there are two offensive philosophies. One is the run establishes the pass and the other is the pass establishes the run. I believe our team fits the latter mode of operation, but we have not been as successful because of our O-line. This should have been a good year for us, but it has turned sour. I believe the changing of the blocking scheme to emphasize the run is the major reason why. AGAIN I'M NOT ADVOCATING NOT RUNNING. Its the primary emphasis on setting up to run and all its implications for the passing game that I'm complaining about.

Bye the way I appreciated your earlier comment that you would look closely at the game replays. I hope you do and I hope you see what I'm saying. I think its more of a problem than people realize.
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