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Originally Posted by cyanides
I understand what you are saying but, I have to imagine that david lets the oline know when they are going to run the ball or pass the ball. On a run play oline adjust to create holes for DD to run through. On pass plays oline tries to prevent holes from opening to better give David the time he needs to throw the ball. I can't really give examples and will have to go back and watch the games, but I just have to assume the line play changes depending on the call.
I believe you will find that the offensive line men are spaced further apart and you don't change the look for the pass as that would key the defense as to your intentions. I'm sorry, but I think this is a very big part of the problem. When you set up as a passing team you are not going to be as good a running team and vice versa. You have to judge what your strengths are and choose accordingly. Unfortunately, I believe our coaching staff has a fixation with the run. That is not the strength of this group of offensive players.
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