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DD scored a 1000+ yards last year in how many games? We change our offensive blocking scheme to better serve the run. What does that do? Generally a blocking scheme designed for the run is not an effective pass blocking scheme. Oh, so Carr is getting a lot more pressure this year!!! I wonder why? The root cause of the problems is our coaches and their fixation on the run. Yes, its important, but they have gone overboard again. At the end of last year our line was beginning to come together and give David some protection. It wasn't perfect, but it was a lot better than this year. DD was doing well out of that scheme. Once again, don't fix what is working. Injuries hurt us more than anything at the end of the season. Some people are saying people are busting right up the middle to get to our QB. Doesn't surprise me at all. To create a pocket for the passer is a very different process that trying to create lanes or holes for the RB. You need space for the runner, but when protecting the passer you won't no holes. I'm sorry, but no one really is catching on to what is happening. Again, quit blaming the players and look to the coaches. They are the problem visa vi their offensive philosophies.
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