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Unlike alot of you, I actually think Carr will be a good QB. I haven't watched as many games as all of ya'll, but from what I've seen, he has the tools. A ton of sacks (oline), fumbles, and conservative play calling hurt him. He will be fine, just an outsiders point of view. And I might add, he may be better than Harrington.

HJam- I understand what you are saying, but ST's and TO's are a part of the game. If the Lions would have lost because of TO's I would not be saying they were the better team, but the Texans got lucky. I would say the Texans won that game fair and square, no excuses, good game. I was just saying that the Lions were a team the Texans COULD beat, not SHOULD beat, TO's or no. I think the 7:30 min drive to put the game away showed Detroit was the better team, at least last Sun.
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