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The WR position is one of the most competive positions on this ball club this year. Some of the new young receivers may be more talented than some of you think. Bradford has not really had a totally satisfying year with us. Gaffney has come along, but no one has lite up the board with their receptions. I don't think any receiver, other than AJ, has a lock on his position. But don't be surprised if one of the new young bloods steps up and really challenges the vets. Starling has great hands and could challenge. So could Christianson. I think the coaching staff is going to have some real challenges this year and attitude is going to play a big part in those choices. The vets better not take for granted their positions. I think Bradford and Gaffney are going to have to show that they can produce. The last couple of years there weren't really a lot of challengers, but this year is different. If BJ is healthy, then we may see a similar situation at the TE position. We also took an FA for that position. Changing the offensive blocking scheme might indicate they are unhappy with the offensive production. I just think the training camps and preseason games are going to result in some surprise showings. Actually, it would be very good for the ball club. It would indicate we are on the rise and not standing pat.
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