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Default Where are the HARD HITS.....

On Defense? Thatís what the Texans need to start doing. Hard hits get a Team going! They need to get physical. When was the last time a Texan hit a running back and layed him on his back? Or a Pass over the middle and make the Receiver pay for the catch? I can tolerate losing but I want the other team to know they were in a fight! That it wasnít a cake walk. You know where it takes you till Thursday to get over your soreness! I don't remember any hard hits on Sunday. Only 1 comes to mind is Dunta Robinson last week on a quick pass he just layed out the Receiver On offense want to see some Pan caking We have 1 of the biggest O lines in the league! No excuse for not pan caking people! I know I'm hard on AJ but hey it comes with being the 3rd pick in last yrs draft. When it is a running play he should be just laying out 175lbs DB`s left and right on every play! I want to see replays of him just Ear Holing DB`s. So the next time AJ runs at him fake the block and go deep. Bet he will be open a WHOLE LOT MORE! There is no reason AJ canít be the BEST BLOCKING RECIEVER IN THE LEAGUE with his talent! Even with Texans being 0-2 I will still be there on Sunday watching the next game!
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