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Originally Posted by rhc564
There has been a lot of discussion on this board about who is to blame
for the Texans 0-2 start-- the players or the coaches.

Did anyone else notice how Davis was holding the ball as he ran for
yardage? Well, he held the ball loosely in one hand as he ran and did
not secure the ball with both hands as he was being tackled. He says
now that this is why he was fumbling. I'm having a difficult time under-
standing why he was carrying the ball this way in the first place because-
as most of you know- anyone running with the football is coached to keep
the ball against your body and cover it with both hands when being

Question? Please explain why the Coaches did not see this very basic
flaw and correct it immediately!!!!!!!!!

Don`t laugh but maybe DD should carry the football with him where ever he goes and sleep with it. Get the feel of keeping the ball tucked under his arm till it becomes second nature. Old football coaching technique
PATS are Reloading! ;-)
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