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It takes time to develop a GOOD Q.B.It takes even longer to make a GREAT one.If D.D hadnt fumbled the ball in the last two games,we would be 2 and 0.I watched the game again yesterday,and he (DAVID) had a look in his eyes I didnt like,(only in the 2nd quater)as if he didnt have any confidence....maybe he was sick,but he didnt look like the David Carr I have been watching.This weekend will be a good chance to get the offense rolling up some big numbers.Someone on our defense needs to step up and be a leader on the field and in the locker room,I dont care if its Sharper,G-funk whom ever...someone needs to take control and light a fire under their ***s.I am very disapointed on our defenses play so far this year,I really was expecting our defense to light some people up,as for DDs fumbles.....I still cant believe what I am seeing....but I believe we can fix it.I dont know how old you are,but I remember back in the old oiler days after losing a couple of games, coming back and winning 11 in a row.We are still a third year team....maybe we ALL got our hopes up little to soon
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