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Default defense

Originally Posted by RTP2110
I know has looked pretty bad so far this season, and there's really no excuse for any team to play the way they have at times. Let's just remember a few things though...

Payne is coming back from injury
Glenn is coming back from injury
Walker is coming back from injury
Babin is a rookie
Robinson is a rookie
Coleman is at a new position
Wong is a new position
Smith is at a new postion

That's 8 of 11 guys making some kind of transition. The defense has been ugly to this point, but I think the most important thing for them will be how we finish the season and not how we start. If we finish the season strong on D, or improve near mid-season, we'll be looking real good along with a strong, improving offense. These guys on defense just need a little time to gel together.
Ok, if you are the starter you should be at least 90% healthy. Those injuries are from last year. With the exception of Wong, the guys you mention were together for spring training, 4 weeks of exhibition and now 2 weeks of regular games. I am not saying perfect but at least be in the right spot to defend a TD pass Coleman. Don't hit a guy out of bounds, Babin. Don't take a head shot at a reciever Arron Glenn. That's just the defense. Ok, I just took a sedative and reaching for a bottle of Crown, I'll be ok in a minute.

Like most of you I don't mind losing even when I was on a sports field as a kid. I just want the team to act like they at least belong on a field. Now let's go to KC & make them squeal like a little girl!!
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