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Originally Posted by Ibar_Harry
I have been very adiment that DD's problem with fumbling is as much to do with play calling as anything else. When the other team stacks the line and you are behind you will be trying extra hard to get the needed yardage. DD's fumbles are coming from effort, not from doing crazy things with the ball. The conservative play calling trying to stay just ahead of the opponent, remember if you are too far ahead would be unfair, is a big part of the problem. They also are keying on the run, because while we are potentially a great threat passing wise they know DOM only has confidence in the run and that must be his 1st point of attack. They know if you stop the run DOM will not adjust and that's a way to get an early lead on the TEXANS. You also know that once the TEXANS have the lead, they will return to the run giving you plenty of opportunity to stop it and gain back the lead.

DD is a very, solid to excellent running back who has to be used in a way that makes him effective. If you repeatidly run him into large clusters of defenders, he's not going to be effective. While he is extremely good at finding holes, he needs a little space to be at his best.

AND LET US PUT TO REST BENCHING DD, BECAUSE OUR ONLY OTHER EFFECTIVE BACK IS CARR. WE CERTAINLY DON'T WANT TO RUN CARR ON EVERY PLAY. HOLLINGS IS A BUST PURE AND SIMPLE AND THEY KNOW THAT. DOM is trying to use DD like he's a big physcially dominating back and that's not what DD is. Does that mean he can't gain 2000 yards? No, quite the contrary. If he is used effectively he can do us a hell of a lot of good. Its coaching once again, pure and simple.

GAME MANAGEMENT by the TEXANS SUCKS. The coaches need to take a refresher course and see what they come up with. I'm sorry, but I have been watching things since the inception of the team and all of the lame excuses about offense just doesn't cut it with me any more. How many receivers do we have? Then how many times did they get the ball in the last game? How many yards did we have through the air vs Detroit? How good of an arm does David have vs many other QB's? The coaches need to quit making excuses for their poor judgement and quit blaming the players.

Its been my understanding that run blocking is not the same as pass blocking. I think what has happened is that DOM and company decided that DD was so great they were going to change their blocking scheme for him, because he was going to become the total focus of our game plan. The end result is that we are employing a blocking scheme that is very ineffective in protecting David. Once again, don't blame the players they are doing what they were told and taught to do. Are there some mistakes which you are seeing, most definitely yes. However, the bulk of the problems are the coaching staff and what they are doing. Its not the players. They are trying their D****est and all they get is you know what because its not working.

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