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Originally Posted by LionsAllTheWay
I did some checking, and CBS sportsline has quite a few texans highly ranked:

Cedric Benson (RB, don't need him)
Jason Glynn (C, might take him, if here were there in the 3rd round)
Rodrique Wright (DT, unlikely as Big Daddy has a few years left in him, unless he's available in the 3rd)
Derrick Johnson (LB, you're right, he'll be gone by the Lion's pick)
Dustin Mangum (K, Hanson is signed for 5 years, the most accurate kicker in history from inside 40 yards, 3rd all time on the 50+ made list, it's 40-49 where he's a little iffy, as you saw today)

Derrick Johnson will be a top 3 pick easy, considering he can cover wide recievers much like Boulware could do except he has the body of a linebacker.

Benson will probably go in the middle to late 1st because his 40 time will drive down his stock.

Wright will probably stick around for his senior season like most Longhorns do, but if he came out, he would go in the middle of the 1st. If he waits, he would probably move into the top 10.

Don't the Lions also have Kalen Thornton? He was senior at Texas also, I heard his name mentioned several times during the game, although it may be a different Thornton.

Kalen Thornton was a huge prospect orginally but blew out his knees several times during his career driving down his value.
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