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Originally Posted by Huge
Has anybody ever given thought that the reason they don't throw downfield is Carr's fault?

When your RB has 11 catches in a game with not many screen passes called, that's on the QB to make the play downfield. I highly doubt every WR on the field are running 8 yard hitches as Carr continues to dump off to DD. Now either the WRs aren't the getting the needed separation or Carr can't find them when they do.

You can't put everything at the feet of the OC/HC. I've been following a conservative offense in Austin for a number of years. A conservative offense is WR screens, slants, 5 yard outs. The Texans do not run a conservtive offense. They just need the players to execute better.
Agree! However you have to throw in the O-Line as part of the reason too. Carr all too often has no time to throw down field. He has become the master of the dump off, and If he ever DOES get time he gets happy feet. Can't say I blame him but he will have to break that habbit.
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