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Originally Posted by LionsAllTheWay
I did some checking, and CBS sportsline has quite a few texans highly ranked:

Cedric Benson (RB, don't need him)
Jason Glynn (C, might take him, if here were there in the 3rd round)
Rodrique Wright (DT, unlikely as Big Daddy has a few years left in him, unless he's available in the 3rd)
Derrick Johnson (LB, you're right, he'll be gone by the Lion's pick)
Dustin Mangum (K, Hanson is signed for 5 years, the most accurate kicker in history from inside 40 yards, 3rd all time on the 50+ made list, it's 40-49 where he's a little iffy, as you saw today)
Benson and Johnson will be the only Srs. from this class of Longhorns that will play in the NFL.

Benson - As you said...with Jones and don't need him.
Glynn - If you want him, you can take him in the 7th round...he'll be there (but don't count on him making the final roster)
Wright - If he comes out early (he's a Jr.), he'll be another high first rounder. 3rd round? Not a chance.
Mangum - Can't see him playing past college.
Johnson - With Teddy Lehman and Boss Bailey...where would you put Johnson?
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