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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Sorry folks, just not seeing where the Texans are taking way fewer shots down field than other teams.
As much as he'd like to think so Davis is not at the same level as the running backs on that list. If for no other reason then he is fumbleing when the pressure is on. I'm not saying that the Texans are throwing down the field too little. They just need to have their recievers on short routes and let Davis block more. The man who will take this team to another level is Johnson. He needs to speak up more and Davis needs to speak up less. When Johnson is the goto guy the Texans will win. While Davis is the goto guy his stats will look good as the Team loses. Other teams have said let Davis have his we don't think he can beat us and they have been correct so far. On the other side Dunta has to step up or Davis can score as many times as he wants and the other team will still win. Texans have a lot of hole to fix.
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