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Originally Posted by TexansFight
Jwwillis you are wrong. I think Capers not Palmer is the friggin problem. Capers is handcuffing this offense. His idea of a passing game is to just throw it to DD. While that is one facet of a good passing offense he ignores the guys like AJ and Bradford who can stretch the field and burn the defense.

With the PI calls being called so close these days, it is inexcusable to not throw the ball down the friggin field. If the WR doesn't catch it we can maybe get a PI call. Capers needs to hit the road. Charlie Weis would be great here.
Everybody knows you win games by establishing the run and lose with mistakes and turnovers. 400 plus yrs in total offense and the fix is fire the head coach../laf. Our top receiver for 2yrs was a freakin TE never saw anybody complaining about that?? Im sure McNair is more reasonable, other wise look out Oilerville here we come. Oh and BTW Carr throws to DD not Capers/Palmer. How many plays are you positive that DD was the ONLY reciever that Carr could throw to cause the coaches said so. As i recall Bryant/Cash was all in our WR's arses on most of the medium to long passplays till they went into the prevent later.
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