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Originally Posted by Marcus
I know that some of you are going to get mad that I won't jump up on the bandwagon, but I think it's a little lame to always focus on coaching first and execution second...It is SO EASY to blame everything on the coaching. If I can read just a little more commentary about the lack of execution on both sides of the ball, it would seem more balanced. But I'm not see that? As a matter of fact, I'm actually seeing some people making excuses for DD's fumbling? (giving him the ball too much) How can you in good conscience do that?
Marcus, I definetly concur with you statement that a certain amount of culpability belongs with the players. I admit that I am sometimes puzzled by the play calling, BUT the fact of the matter is that if the ball hits you in hands CATCH IT, if you are running with the ball HOLD ON TO IT, if you're playing O-line REMEMBER THE SNAP COUNT, ect ect...

I think that we are seeing our potential as an offense starting to manifest and that it will take sometime for things to mature, I'm guessing by mid-season we will be living up to the play expectations that we on this board put on them for the last 7mo's. That being said the Defense has got to step up, on paper we have some good talent that has flat under-preformed aginst SD and Detroit.

All in all...I am disappointed but I'm not ready to go after Capers and Co with pichforks and torches at midnight.
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