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Default David Carr to AJ!!!

Check out the stats for our passing game cuz thats all that I could be happy about right now:

We're sixth in the league in total passing offense:

David Carr is 4th in the league right now:

And even though AJ is 21st in receiving yardage guess who has the highest ypc. AJ!!!

Bottomline, our passing game is great and only if we could learn to not give the ball to DD every single time after a great passing play we could actually put more points on the board and cut on those fumbles!! I hope Capers and Palmer learn the obvious, that the passing game is our biggest strength. SO USE IT!!! Don't run the ball only to turn it over. And this just might help out our defense and take a little bit off their shoulders. But the D still needs to take it up a couple of notches.

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