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Default Agree to a point

Marcus, I would have to agree with you, in regards to the Texans having and showing a lot of pieces to turning this things around, but unfortunately, I don't feel this season can be turned around.

Your right, Carr showed great attributes in the second half, and the guy continues to get better and better. BUT, I don't believe this offense or the coaches place him in the situation to be fully explosive or successful. This is a run first, control the clock offense, and it appears well to often, not only Carr, but the rest of these young explosive players, cannot get into a flow.

Dominic Davis appears to have the same ability shown last season, but mental lapses trying to create big plays has caused him to cough up the ball. This was never a problem last year or in college, but it looks as though he, as others, are pressing to make anything happen now, whether it is extra yards, extra cuts, whatever, and when you press, mistakes happen.

The secondary? I love AG, but is he loosing a step? Robinson, better. Coleman still adjusting? Brown, good against the run, but exposed against any team with a receiving tight end, and the nickle and dime backs have just been horrible in 3rd down situations.

Coaching. I've said it before, Palmer was in need of a job when we got him for a reason. This guy is brialliant at times, but does not control the flow of a game, thus leaving out weapons. Come on, Johnson 7 catches in two games? He, like TO, like Moss, needs to touch the ball in some way, at least 10 times a game. Fangio. Became more agressive this past week, but shut down the defense in the second half, with no pressure on Harrington? Capers. Needs to get a grip and let these young players go out there and play wild. When this happens, we will see a fun team to watch. They have way too much athletism, to be moving like robots!

All in all, this team needed to at least win 1 one the first two, but neither? Now you have the Chiefs, a Packers team, a tough division, road games in Denver, Chicago, and NY in the winter months! This season is basically a wash and look for the Texans to now go somewhere between 3-13 & 4-12. Maybe we can pick up Antrel Rolle or a left tackle, because unless some of the changes that were addressed previously are down, this season is over!!
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