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Originally Posted by HJam72
4 fumbles in 2 games means he shouldn't have played at all in this one, much less the next one.
I don't care if Hollings does fumble it, when he gets a chance. So what. Give it to Wells. If he fumbles it, for crying out lould, give it back to Davis. Somebody has to step up and play like they want to be a starter.

Oh, and I don't care what the results of Davis's fumbles were, either. 4 fumbles in 2 games is inexcusable. It could have been 4 touchdowns or 4 punts against us. What their offense does with it is on them and our defense--not on Davis. He already messed up when he gave them the chance and took away ours.

I know that Eddie George didn't fumble, but for other reasons he was traded away by Tennessee. A lot of us thought that was it--they wouldn't have a running game anymore. SURPISE! This new guy they've got is making what Eddie George did (LATELY) look like childs play. They've got the O-line that he needs and he's just loving it and ripping right past the opponents defenses. I'm not a big guy and I've always rooted more for the skills players, but let's be realistic--on both sides of the ball, it's those lineman that really matter.
Ok well:

1) 4 fumbles in 2 games IS inexcusable HOWEVER:

-We have to understand that Davis averaged a full 1.5 yards per carry MORE than ANY other back who ran behind this line last. Be it, Mack, Hollings, or Wells! Same line, different players, different results. No one broke 3 yards per carry!

-That being said, it depends how you regard Domanick. If you see that his talent is exceptional compared to the other backs, than you will take the lumps of 2 grossly awful fumbling performances.

-Compare it to Clinton Portis, he has fumbled a MERE three times in 2 games. Losing all of them, two of which the opposition ran in while the other led to a short drive to score. Do you expect Gibbs to bench him?

-My main contention is simply that DD's talent is so much more than the others that the fumbles need more than one game to be curtailed. Plain and simple.

-Perhaps, simply a do or die fumble mentality where if he puts it on the grounds he's gone. I feel he deserves one more opportunity. Especially against a KC team that he should rip up.

-One thing can not be disputed and that is he has the most all purpose yards this side of Curtis Martin, it has to count for something.
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