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Originally Posted by 3rd Coast Playa
although hollings is faster, he cant catch better nor hit the hole better or find the open running lane better than dominic davis. it is clear that dd's only weakness is holding the ball. hollings had his OWN fumbling problems himself.

if he fumbles again next game then replace him. and stacey mack was never any good for us. none of our running backs could get really over 3 yards per carry except dd last year, proves that even with a lackluster o line he can still make something out of nothing. stacey flat out sucks. only thing he would be good at is goaline, cant catch nor run. hollings will come in if davis fumbles next game.
I really dont want Hollings to catch better because I feel that Davis' ability to catch hinders the offense. If Davis couldnt catch, do you think that the Texans would have used the 11 receptions Davis got today and gone deep a couple of times with them??? And the keyword that you used when describing the fumbling problems was had and has. Even though I dont think that you can say had with Hollings, but I dont think it is as much of a problem...

And the offensive line last year was a middle of the pack o-line and wasnt that bad...

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