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Originally Posted by TexansFight
I don't know where to begin with this game. I am still ticked off that we have lost another winnable game 2 friggin weeks in a row.

Here are my points.

1. Coaching staff let us down big time today. Dom Capers is too friggin rote. Yes it is nice to have a balanced attack, but not at the expense of winning the friggin game. He has it in his head that we will run 30 times a game no matter what. Why the **** were we running the ball on our last drive

2. This team is over reliant on Domanick Davis. DD is a nice player when he doesn't fumble the ball.

5. This team is UNDISCIPLINED. These guys are Oilersesque in getting costly penalties. The roughing the passer call negating the Harrington's INT was huge and was foolish. Pitts had 2 false starts and we had several holding calls. This again falls on the coaching staff.
OMG, you said the O word!! But you're right...thought it many times myself today. As for your comments about Dom, it kinda ties to what we were saying about Carr needing to show a little more emotion when he screws up...I sometimes wonder if Capers is really paying attention over there. If he's got a plan in his head for the game from the beginning and that no matter what happens, he's not changing his mind? During the games, it always looks like he never reacts to anything they do, I don't expect him to be Parcells neccessarily...but yet, he keeps trying the same thing...hence your point about DD. So wake up Dom. Try something a little different. I think the Lions caught on to the whole "pass the ball to DD" play. I want some passion from the team leaders...some feeling that they are actually in the game...we used to get that...what happened? We're here...where are they?
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