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Originally Posted by TexansFight
I don't know where to begin with this game. I am still ticked off that we have lost another winnable game 2 friggin weeks in a row.

Here are my points.

1. Coaching staff let us down big time today. As Steve Buerlein kept saying during the game, the Lions secondary has been decimated by injuries. Do we attack this? Not until the 3rd quarter. If we had a good coaching staff like New England's and had an OC and Head Coach with balls we would have been exploiting this thing all day. That is what the Patriots do. They have attacked weak secondaries by throwing the ball all over the field. We should have been burning their secondary all day long. Capers needs to get into this thick skull that stretching the defense will loosen up the running game.

Dom Capers is too friggin rote. Yes it is nice to have a balanced attack, but not at the expense of winning the friggin game. He has it in his head that we will run 30 times a game no matter what. Why the **** were we running the ball on our last drive

We can't stop anybody on 3rd down. We were putting good pressure on the blitz against Harrington in the first half yet abandon it during the 2nd half. Can we please put some friggin pressure on the QB on 3rd down instead of only rushing 3. Both SD and Detroit have seemed to convert every important 3rd and long. On the few times we did bring the pressure on the 2nd half, we didn't get there in time.

2. This team is over reliant on Domanick Davis. DD is a nice player when he doesn't fumble the ball. However, he is not Marshall Faulk in his prime. Our passing game revolves too much around this guy. We have got playmakers as WRs to stretch the field yet we don't use them properly. This is another fault of the coaching staff. I think Dom is the problem and as much as I have criticized Palmer, Dom seems to be the problem in wanting to be way too conservative.

3. Turnovers are killing this team. DD had another 2 lost fumbles. We don't seem to stress holding on to the ball. If we did DD would have sit his *** on the bench and we would have put Hollings in. 4 lost fumbles in 2 games is inexcusable. He needs to either sit on the bench or fix this **** ASAP.

4. David Carr had a late wake up call, he sucked in the first half. This guy looked like he was asleep in the first half. Nice one hopper to Johnson which was ruled as a lateral in the first quarter. His INT was inexcusable, throwing off his back foot in to a sea of Lions.

5. This team is UNDISCIPLINED. These guys are Oilersesque in getting costly penalties. The roughing the passer call negating the Harrington's INT was huge and was foolish. Pitts had 2 false starts and we had several holding calls. This again falls on the coaching staff.

Most of the problems we are having is a result of piss poor coaching. We are not giving our playmakers a chance to win the game, either on offense or defense (admittedly we don't have many of those on the D). Capers quit handcuffing this friggin team and grow some balls.

Capers does not look like the guy who will lead us to the playoffs. Charley Weis would like really good here with our offense weapons.
I agree with 80% of what you said.

1) BENCH DD!!! I remember Wells was taken out of the game during his rookie year for fumbling, and Capers wanted to give him a clear message. I really respected Capers for that and thought it was a good message to get across to his team.

2) As for offesive play-calling, I don't have any problems with that. Draw plays have been known to get big yardage, and we were in a bunch of short 3rd down situations where a run would have given us an automatic 1st down. If I had a problem with anything, it would be that we didn't run the ball enough early. Carr looked pretty uncomfortable in the 1st quarter, and DD was doing really well in the early minutes. Stick to DD as long as he's giving you yards.

3) Defense looked bad AGAIN! This is very frustrating because this is supposed to be a Don Capers defense, and right now, they're not even playing as good as they were in our rookie season. What the hell is going on?!? We got burned on big 3rd and long situations just like we did last week. And when did it happen? When we rushed only 3. I'll say it until I'm blue in the face, don't EVER rush just 3. Yeah, we got shafted on an interception with a shady "roughing the passer" call, but i total, defense has not been what we expected. The secondary looks crappy right now.

4) Like you said, we are UNDISCIPLINED, and this is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!! Why? Because our short franchise has been known for being a class franchise. While we never had the best talent or even good talent, we were all about class. And class means not turning over the football, having good special teams play, not giving up big plays, and just playing SMART FOOTBALL. Plain and simple.

Right now, it seems like the great talent we've added to our team has only made us spoiled. I remember in our previous 2 seasons, we had to play the hell out of every down, because if we were going to win, we had to go out and execute on each and every play. Each down was very precious. Now, it seems like with our talent, we can afford a bad play every now and then and try to make up for mistakes. WRONG! I hope we get our old mentality back of playing hard on every single play and not making mistakes. We have not responded well to success as a franchise. There's a reason why we haven't won 2 in a row yet.

I have NEVER been dissappointed in our team until now, because up to now, I always thought we played as well as we could have. No regrets. Now, there are a whole bunch of things to regret so far this season.
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