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Originally Posted by SheTexan
Come on guys! Let's give credit when credit is due. Both the Chargers and the Lions played very well. We didn't give them squat IMO! We had turnovers, they took advantage of them. That's a sign of a team that's paying attention. For some reason our Texans are just not "clicking!" There's a missing link somewhere. Could be that both teams we played were about 5 steps ahead of us and about as prepared to kick our butts as the sun coming up in the morning. We are way to predictable!! JMHO!

We will start clicking soon, I just know it! Keep the faith! The season has just begun and they have learned some hard lessons. Carr is a leader, and he will get this team going.
I agree...the Chargers and Lions didn't beat us, we beat us. I hope they have learned from these games. What was so frustrating was seeing the same thing over and over...running the ball...exactly what you said, being too predictable...what's that quote? "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." This was supposed to be the year that Carr really showed us what he was made of...and he can't do that if he's just handing off the ball nearly every someone else said, Ragone can do that. Carr's got the talent, why on Earth aren't we using it?

And call me a fair-weather fan and I will send my tabby to kick butt and take names....she'll need help with the pencil though.
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